Profile gangster Zee Zee.png Zee Zee Jamaican Zee Zee is an enigmatic woman who is, as a rule, hazy on her upbringing. What’s known is that she emigrated from Kingston, Jamaica during the Great War, where she spent the majority of her life in the banana export business. She refuses to discuss why she left, but shortly after arriving in Chicago, she quickly had all of the low-level criminals in her pocket. Zee Zee doesn't wield her silvery tongue wantonly, but when she does, she can bring a mountain to its knees. Zee Zee fled to America from Jamaica during the Great War, where her cunning allowed her to quickly become the leader of a gang of her own. She believes that what comes easily goes easily.
Profile gangster Etsuko Nakano.png Etsuko Nakano Japanese Etsuko emigrated from Osaka, Japan in the summer of 1914 and immediately installed herself into the ear of an unnamed (and very married) Chicago politician. Through him, she was able to set up a well-funded society with the sole purpose of gathering intel on all the supposed "well-guarded" secrets in Chicago. She is always happy to share her knowledge with others, for a price. Monetary or otherwise. Etsuko fled to America from Japan after completing her education. While she is very careful, she lives by the motto that a cat has nine lives.
Profile gangster Alfred Westcott.png Alfred Westcott Flag American.png African-American Alfred's fascination with explosives began early. He had received a chemistry set as a gift, and coupled with his creativity, the reactions were sometimes entertaining, sometimes poisonous and sometimes literally leveling. The most notorious incident resulted in the leveling of the family cattle barn and the pre-processing of the cattle in it. Many years have passed since that time. Alfred's penchant for explosives has improved and matured, but is no less deadly. Graduating from a strict school, Alfred's privileged background has allowed him to remain a kind person. Because of this, he is a lover, not a fighter, unless fighting becomes necessary.
Profile gangster Man Running.png Man Running Yaqui Man Running's family barely survived the American raids into Navajo territory before finding refuge at Beautiful Mountain in San Juan County, New Mexico. He learned to shoot his father's antique gun as a young boy, a skill he perfected as he crossed the Oklahoma territory. After an incident at the mountain, he fled New Mexico, living nomadically for a time before setting his roots in Chicago. He prefers to work alone. A boxer and a child laborer, many rough, nomadic years and hard times have left Man Running sullen. Despite this he has a strong sense of honor, always keeping his word.
Profile gangster Norah Quinn.png Norah Quinn Flag Irish.png Irish Norah emigrated from Ireland when she was sixteen years old. She had to vault many social hurdles as a female Irish immigrant, but eventually obtained her medical degree. Unfortunately, she was unable to sustain legitimate work in her field. The harder she tried, the more resistance she faced. In a desperate act -- one which Norah will avenge -- she was framed for administering too much medication to a patient, a hostile gambit which ultimately cost the patient his life. Given the tip by a fellow doctor, Norah instead put her skills to good use with Chicago's criminal underworld. An Irish immigrant, Norah graduated from a convent school that instilled her with a strong sense of faith and a sullen nature. A rigorous spender, she believes a penny saved is a penny earned.
Profile gangster Marlena de Critz.png Marlena de Critz Flag American.png American If there is one person that the term "Cat Burglar" should attribute to, it's Marlena. Originally from Louisiana, she committed so many successful burglaries and heists between the ages of sixteen and twenty that no one could believe they had all been perpetrated by one person. She started to grow bored with the ease of the game, and eventually figured that she could find bigger targets if she started working with more people, so she moved up to Chicago and joined the underworld. Growing up poor and becoming a full-fledged delinquent in her teens, Marlena's religion is the only thing about her that remains respectable. She is extremely careful, and cares about little but being paid for her work.
Profile gangster One Sky.png One Sky Cherokee One Sky's family fled from Canada when he was a boy, seeking asylum in Montana. His childhood was hard, and the winters were harder, but he had the soul of a warrior, and he persevered through the starvation and persecution. When the waves of deportation came, One Sky became separated from his family. He eventually made his way to Chicago in search of a better life for them, knowing that though they were apart, they were still together under one sky. He awaits the day when they can be reunited again. A religious man who fell on hard times, One Sky turned to a youth of delinquency on the streets of Chicago. He remains work, and believes in the value of hard work.
Profile gangster Jack McGurn.png Jack McGurn Flag Italian.png Italian Vincenzo Antonio Gibaldi, originally from Licata, Sicily, immigrated to Brooklyn as a child. He later moved to Chicago to pursue a career in boxing, going so far as to change his name to Jack McGurn since he believed that Irish sounding names got a better billing. Jack forsook his budding career in exchange for revenge after extortionists murdered his step-father. He now hopes to one day own his own speakeasy jazz club in the city. An Italian immigrant, McGurn believes learned through both his strict schooling and boxing career that fortune favours the bold.
Profile gangster George Moran.png George Moran Flag American.png American Before George Moran turned twenty-one, he had already been in jail three times. He moved to Chicago to take his flare for troublemaking to the professional level, but unfortunately, continued to get thrown in and out of prison. His obscene comfort with casual violence earned him the nickname "Bugs," but it also earned him the respect he desired from his peers. A child of immigrants, Moran became religious in reform school, but it wasn't enough to temper his immense anger. His guiding principle is that birds of a feather flock together.
Profile gangster Earl Weiss.png Earl Weiss Polish Henry Earl J. Wojciechowski, later called Earl Weiss, was born in Poland, but grew up on Chicago's North Side. He developed an early interest in petty thievery. During one of his earliest burglary attempts, he accidentally toppled a perfume shelf. When police caught him, they dubbed him "The Perfume Burglar." He has since learned to handle a gun effectively and fears no one. Polish immigrant Earl Weiss's deep faith does little to restrain his greed. He became a gang leader in order to fulfill his desires. Working discretely is of the utmost importance to him.
Profile gangster Frank Nitti.png Frank Nitti Flag Italian.png Italian Frank moved to New York from Italy as a child. He lived in Dallas, Texas, for a short while, before finally settling in Chicago to be closer to his cousin, Al Capone. He covers a wide range of expertise, including fencing, smuggling, and general thievery. He's not only a "jack of all trades", but also extremely loyal and intelligent when it comes to running a business, legitimate or otherwise. An immigrant and a child laborer, Nitti is defined my his rage. He became a gang leader through his axiom: everyone has a price.
Profile gangster Cyril McRae.png Cyril McRae Flag Irish.png Irish Cyril grew up in Skibereen, Ireland with his father, Cornelius, who insisted that his son learn to defend himself. During a shooting session one day, Cyril was startled by a flock of birds and accidentally shot his father in the leg. Cornelius was so angry with Cyril that he sent him across the sea to New York to learn to make something of himself. Cyril found his footing by falling in with the local gangs, who marvelled at his skills with a rifle. A child of some privilege in his native Ireland, Cyril McRae stayed in school long enough to be instilled with the values of kindness, religion, and always keeping one's word, just in time to embark on a life of crime.
Profile gangster Frank McErlane.png Frank McErlane Flag American.png American Brutality was always part of Frank's nature. He is a Chicago native credited with killing his first man, a cop, when he was twenty-two years old. His lust for killing seemed to gain steam the more involved he became in Chicago's underworld. To make matters worse, Frank has a hell of a drinking problem and won't hesitate to off someone for the smallest indiscretion while he's on the sauce. A life of poverty and child labor rendered Frank into an aggressive delinquent. He knows that a chain is as strong as its weakest a link, and resolves not to be that link in any gang he is a part of.
Profile gangster Theodore Hunter.png Theodore Hunter Flag American.png American Theodore Hunter grew up on a ranch in northern Arizona where he began to hunt and skin wild game at only three years old. Years of killing left Theodore Hunter desensitised to the sight of blood, and he yearned for a new thrill. One morning, during a routine hunt, Theodore Hunter turned his rifle on his father. He realized then that he enjoyed hunting this new prey much more than mere animals. Therefore, in 1914, he established The Lodge. Born on a large ranch in north Arizona, Theodore graduated from a strict school. He is cruel and desensitised to violence, and hides this dark side by saying as little as possible.
Profile gangster Diana Madura.png Diana Madura Flag American.png American Few women strike as much fear into a man's heart as Diana "The Viper" Madura. Her rap sheet might as well read like a Bingo card, with crimes ranging from petty thievery to grand theft auto, and those are only the ones for which she has been caught. Born privileged, Diana Madura's love of money still led her to child labor and eventually, in search of bigger pay-offs, to delinquency. Her greed motivates her, and she knows that birds of a feather flock together.
Profile gangster Percival Lancaster.png Percival Lancaster British Many have wondered why Percival associates with the uncouth philistines of Chicago's underworld, but not Percival. He has his reasons. He has a natural talent for distinguishing truth from lie, and an even greater talent for extracting hidden information. He met Theodore Hunter while on a hunt in 1915, and after a few intriguing exchanges, he became a full member of The Lodge. The child of British immigrants, Percival Lancaster's religious reform school upbringing shaped him into a kind, discrete, if somewhat sullen and cowardly man.
Profile gangster Harry Adams.png Harry Adams Flag American.png American Beyond cocky, Harry is the poster boy of the Lodge. He's incredible at spinning a lie, and he's a master at manipulation, intimidation, and persuasion. His smile may be warm. but his intentions are cold. An inherently happy man, Adams abandoned his privileged reform school education for a youth of delinquency. He believes that everyone has their price, and he can pay it.
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