Profile gangster The Cleaner.png The Cleaner Polish The Cleaner escaped Poland in 1908, and found easy work with the Korney Gang in Buffalo, New York before moving west to Chicago in search of less snow. He was an early and active instigator in the Polish Lódz Insurrection, an uprising whose defeat still stings him. It has left The Cleaner with a searing distrust of authority figures and an unwillingness to work with Russians. There are rumors of his involvement in an ongoing "Polish connection" in the Chicago Underworld. An immigrant, The Cleaner came out of reform school and went straight into child labor. He is disfigured, and his aggression and cruelty are controlled by his careful approach to all matters.
Profile gangster Dotty Bacon.png Dotty Bacon Flag American.png American Married to another mobster, Dotty was the actual brains behind their operation. She planned, executed and organized robberies and kidnappings, including the kidnapping of Merv Biskowitz whom she decided to kill even after receiving the ransom. Unfortunately, her bravado put her in the sights of an enemy whose attempt on her life left her with only one leg. Her injury has only emboldened her, however. Her fake leg has taken more damage than the real one ever could. A strictly schooled child of immigrants, Dotty resisted her natural instinct to be a loner and became a gang leader instead, who brooks no disrespect.
Profile gangster Bernie Barnes.png Bernie Barnes Flag American.png American Bernie Barnes was raised in a sleek suburb of Chicago, the son of a prominent criminal defense attorney. He became very interested in his father's occupation from a young age, especially regarding the volumes of information he collected from his usually criminal defendants. Bernie began to pursue law school when he came of age, but dropped out once he realized that breaking the law was more interesting than keeping it. A life of privilege and a long, strict education has molded Bernie Barnes into a tolerant man who is only concerned with money.
Profile gangster Jez Murphy.png Jez Murphy Flag Irish.png Irish Jez Murphy's nimble fingers and calculating mind can liberate diamonds from dust and secrets from the silence. Rolled up, those nimble fingers form a fierce fist. As Jez tells it, she stayed on in Chicago after falling in love with a local while on vacation. In reality, she'd fled her native Ireland after killing a man with an icepick which she ran straight through his ears. An Irish drop-out who fled to America after killing a man in her native Ireland, Jez is aggressive and trusts no one.
Profile gangster Natalie Warren.png Natalie Warren Flag IrishAmerican.png Irish-American To say that Natalie Warren is the most precise, methodical, and immaculate doctor of her time would be an understatement. However, her gaze casts about as much warmth as a scalpel. Dr. Natalie Warren entered medicine for the money not the mercy. She found plenty of money to be had working for criminals who prefer to avoid hospitals, and both shows and demands a lot of discretion in her care and service. She's also exceptionally adept in combat, especially with blades. Almost as if she’d had lots of practice. Natalie Warren has a calm personality that reflects her stable, privileged upbringing. Coming from an upper crust community, she believes a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
Profile gangster Clyde Malone.png Clyde Malone Flag IrishAmerican.png Irish-American Clyde is a living, breathing monument of fear. He took naturally to the easier bits of vice -- petty theft, school yard fights, occasional property destruction. By the age of 14, he was over six feet tall and a regular in Dillinger's crew. He was soon arrested for killing a fellow con, but escaped by knocking out the cops who arrested him. He is the son of Scottish and Irish immigrants, both of whom had nasty temperaments after a few drinks. As a result, Clyde vowed that he would never touch alcohol as long as he lived. Clyde is a second-generation Irish immigrant. His aggressive demeanor didn't play well at school, leading him to become a teenage delinquent. He learned early on that everyone relies on those around them.
Profile gangster Eddie Callahan.png Eddie Callahan Flag Irish.png Irish Eddie's parents always thought that by joining the force, their son would stay out of trouble. They couldn't have been more wrong. Eddie started as a beat cop before weaving his way to parole officer. There, he formed a network out of formerly independent criminals who were now all in league together, answering to him. And if someone didn't play ball? Let's just say he has no qualms about sending his offenders back to prison, if that was their choice. A bit of a loner, Eddie came out of a childhood of poverty and strict schooling with an insatiable greed. He is now heading a gang of miscreants, while maintaining his day job as a probation officer. He strongly believes no man to be an island.
Profile gangster Phillip Hall.png Phillip Hall Flag American.png African-American Phillip has always kept a cool head under pressure, though sometimes to his detriment. He earned his moniker while patching up an accomplice during an especially chaotic firefight. He was so preoccupied with wrapping up his friend’s wound that when a bullet shot through the window and struck him across the nose, he didn't even flinch. He carries the scar to this day. Phillip has a calm demeanor, something that helped him both in the boxing ring and his childhood jobs. His guiding philosophy is that a fool and their money are soon parted.
Profile gangster Tammy Trucco.png Tammy Trucco Flag American.png African-American Tammy grew up playing baseball on the streets with her brothers and their friends. She was a hard girl to say no to, especially once she had a bat in her hands. She found that she had a fondness for drink around this time as well, a fact that would both help and hinder her when she entered the criminal underworld. Her imposing figure and knowledge of quality alcohol helped to "persuade" speakeasy owners into seeing things her way. A life of poverty and child labor soon turned young Tammy Trucco into a reckless delinquent. She believes she is a cat with nine lives, able to escape from any predicament.
Profile gangster Crispo Gregson.png Crispo Gregson Flag IrishAmerican.png Irish-American Crispo is the son of a Little Italy chef, and therefore had always been a rather large child. This posed a problem for Crispo fitting in with his peers. When some neighborhood kids persuaded him to break into one of the local shops with them, since he was easily the biggest of the lot, he was delighted to be included. Thus began a life of bouncing in and out of prisons before eventually launching his own drug enterprise. He’s been known to dip into his own product from time to time. Crispo, the son of Irish immigrants, has a reputation as something of a delinquent, but underneath it all he is kind, religious, and a little naive. In a bad situation he prefers to shoot first and ask questions later.
Profile gangster Boris Petrov.png Boris Petrov Russian Imprisoned for armed robbery, Boris honed his criminal skills in a series of jails before being thrown in the Solovki gulag. His cunning and craft made him a vorami v zakone, and using that power, he soon crafted his escape. Having survived his imprisonment, Boris made his way to Chicago as a stowaway on a Toronto skipper filled with Canadian whiskey. His freedom from the old country has made him a new breed of criminal, one only out for himself. He will not work with the government, and does not trust those who speak French. Boris fled to America from a reform school in Russia. An intolerant man, he struggles to blend in to the American melting pot, but allows the maxim "fortune favours the bold" to guide him through.
Profile gangster Vincenzo Carro.png Vincenzo Carro Flag Italian.png Italian Vincenzo fled to Chicago from Italy when he was fifteen after an attempted arson attack went awry. Burned but not beat, Vincenzo took to robbing and mugging tourists, opting for a gun to the face rather than sneaking in the shadows. His target of choice has left him a prime irritant in the mayor's office. However, he was only in the clink twice: once because his gun jammed while he was robbing a jewellery store, and once when he attempted to mug an off-duty cop. An Italian immigrant who fled to America after a youth of delinquency, Carro is viciously cruel, preferring to shoot first at any problem that gets in his way.
Profile gangster Tommy Biscuits.png Tommy Biscuits Flag American.png American Tommy "Biscuits" Biskowitz IV was born to a wealthy family in Chicago's west side. He was expected to join his family in their lucrative communications business. Tommy had a penchant for liquor, however, and was known to be a mean drunk. That was his undoing. He killed a man in Joliet and is lying low to escape the charges. He claims that he is currently on the wagon. Tommy Biscuits is a son of privilege. His life of strict schooling gave way to deliquency once he discovered a fondness for booze. He despises being alone, recognizing that no man is an island.
Profile gangster Josephine Doody.png Josephine Doody Flag American.png American Josephine Doody was a taxi dancer in Chicago for over a decade before she turned to bootlegging. Folks would travel across multiple states just to get a case of Josephine's moonshine. Her biggest customers, though, were the train conductors. As they pulled through the station, they would pull the whistle to indicate how many barrels they wanted. Josephine was always happy to oblige. Josephine Doody stayed in school and worked part-time to support her poor family for years. Despite this hardship, she remains a happy person, taking an attitude of "easy come, easy go" to life.
Profile gangster Pearl Crane.png Pearl Crane Flag American.png American Pearl runs security at the higher end brothels in Chicago. Her humor is sharp, and her aim is sharper. If a potential client gets too aggressive, Pearl delivers a well-timed shot between their legs, and laughs merrily as they run away. She is the barrier between the clients and the talent, with a keen eye for rooting out wicked intentions and a talent for disposing of layabouts and gawkers. Pearl fell on hard times after graduating from her incredibly strict school. Despite this, she is a genuinely happy person, considering herself to be more of a lover than a fighter.
Profile gangster Frederick Joyce.png Frederick Joyce Flag IrishAmerican.png Irish-American Frederick had a miserable childhood filled with hunting and fur trapping in the desolate, harsh wilds of northern Maine. When he turned 18, he escaped to New York to pursue his dream of acting, and eventually found himself playing the role of Algernon in Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" . Although he now lives a more lavish lifestyle to separate him from his past, his hands have never forgotten how to grip a rifle. An incorrigible flirt, Frederick resisted the urge to drop-out to support his poor family, choosing instead to both work and attend school. He is more of a lover than a fighter at heart.
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