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Profile gangster Ray Monks.png Ray Monks Flag American.png American Ray, twin brother to Mae, lost an eye during the first and only Monks Family Carnival Quick Draw competition. Ready to prove himself as the superior twin, he aimed for the eyes. His sister did the same. Both won or lost, depending on how you look at it. Ray is an extremely talented gunman who likes to work with his sister and insists that “two eyes are better than one." Ray Monks was pulled out of school to work in his immigrant parents' carnival. He values nothing but hard work and a willingness to risk it all.
Profile gangster Mae Monks.png Mae Monks Flag American.png American The Monks Family Carnival was well known throughout the mid-western states through which it traveled, and Mae Monks was long the show's star. Agile on her feet, a marksman and fiercely intelligent, Mae still wanted more for herself than a role in her family's carnival. When the Carnival disbanded in 1918, she was secretly thrilled. She has since trained in medicine and business and looks forward to a new future. Growing up working at her parent's carnival left Mae a sociable, natural leader with a reckless streak a mile long.
Profile gangster Baby Monks.png Baby Monks Flag American.png American Baby Monks began performing as the Monks' Family Carnival strongman at a young age, a role he enjoyed until the Carnival made its permanent and final home in Chicago. Baby has been doing what it takes to get by since the Carnival ended. Missing school to work at his immigrant parents’ carnival, Baby Monks hit a streak of bad luck that has given him an aggressive personality.
Profile gangster R.png R Unknown Nobody in Chicago's underworld knows who R is or where they came from, and everyone is afraid to ask. R is a near perfect shot. A child of immense wealth of privilege, R emerged from their strict reform school education calm and calculating to an extreme degree, and completely numb to murder.
Profile gangster Rocco Melucci.png Rocco Melucci Flag American.png American In better more lawful times, Rocco was an apprentice butcher with a passion for steak. For every fillet he cut, he took a cut for himself. It wasn't long before his friends started calling him the "Beef Fairy" for his ability to get the best cuts for any event any time. His connections weren't lost on the local criminal community who often turned to him for his services. Eventually, the butcher and the law caught up with Rocco, and he was jailed for 5 to 10. While the free steak stopped, the name stuck. Several fights and two prison murders later, Rocco was eventually sent to Sing Sing to serve out his term and then some. He is currently out on parole. A series of poor decisions and a childhood of hard labor has made Rocco a slightly paranoid person, but his experiences have also made him a kind, if slightly naive, gang leader.
Profile gangster Bau Chai Ung.png Bau Chai-Ung Flag Chinese.png Chinese Bau emigrated from China when she was still a teenager, bringing with her an impressive ability for crafting artisanal fireworks. Despite numerous attempts to hawk her dazzling displays to Chicagoans, her flare for explosives only seemed to find its footing within the seedy underworld. Now Bau sticks solely to demolition work. After getting through reform school - despite her careless attitude - Bau fled to America from China as a teenager.
Profile gangster Claude Bernard.png Claude Bernard Flag French.png French Claude was a notorious bank robber for 'Les Beaux Voyous' before arriving in Chicago. After a successful heist, a sizable bounty was placed on his head. Claude fled from Lyon, leaving behind no trace for Lyonnais police. He made two mistakes, however. First, he took all the cash with him. Second, he forgot to take his wife. A flirtatious Frenchman, Claude left for America after fleeing his reform school in disgrace.
Profile gangster Maria Rodriguez.png Maria Rodríguez Flag Mexican.png Mexican Maria ran a lawless bar in the wild west town of Cheyenne, Wyoming for most of her life. She kept the peace by keeping literal pieces of so-called “troublemakers" in jars behind the bar. If that didn't work, then her trusty sawed-off would be the last word in any disagreement. Her shotgun ability became a thing of reverence for lost cowboys rolling through the west. Maria won’t mince words, and she certainly won’t hesitate to put someone in their place when she deems they deserve it. Maria had to flee to America at a young age, but quickly fell in with a local gang and rose through the ranks. She developed a policy of "shoot now, ask questions later".
Profile gangster Minerva Lee.png Minerva Lee Flag American.png American Minerva is a woman of two tales, and for every story told about her, there's another. Minerva first appeared on the Chicago circuit as a fortune teller. She sensed the Monks Family Carnival was quick to close, and so left their employ and went out on her own. She had attained quite a following by then, particularly among criminals who were eager to know if their plans would work or if their crimes had been discovered. The fallout has resulted in some bad blood, however. A life of misfortune has gifted Minerva with few things: sullenness, faith, and a dependence on marijuana. A delinquent throughout her education, she is almost as intolerant as she is cunning.
Profile gangster Grover Monks.png Grover Monks Flag American.png American Grover was a founding member of the now-defunct Monks’ Carnival and a solid shot in its early days. He spent many years delighting fans with his shooting prowess, specializing in distance shots while blindfolded. In the summer of 1912, one of those shots missed its mark, ricocheted and blew up the concession stand. Blindfolded, Grover got tangled up in a burning cotton candy web, which has left him with a lasting fear of explosions. His shots may waver now, but he's still solid in a pinch. Growing up in the carnival, Grover worked from a young age. His recklessness is tempered by his calm and cunning side. This has made him a formidable gang leader.
Profile gangster Dominic Court.png Dominic Court Flag American.png American A veteran of the Civil War, 77-year-old Dominic Court is the leader of the Court's Choir social club and a frequent fixture in Chicago's speakeasy scene. Though he fervently denies any wrongdoing, Court was twice convicted for assaulting Yankee patrons when they repeatedly refused to tip the staff. Court claims it was self-defense. Court was a strictly schooled boxer, but that didn't prevent a run of bad luck turning him into an angry, intolerant, heavy drinker. None of that has dulled his bravery, however.
Profile gangster Gracie McKee.png Gracie McKee Flag American.png American A front-line combat medic, Gracie McKee could turn hamburger back into a cow. Serving two tours in Europe, Gracie is unflappable, patching soldiers back together while knee deep in the dead. When the frontlines reached her hospital, Gracie traded a scalpel for a gun. Gracie is a rare child of immigrants that saw her education through to the end. her experience in the Great War has left Gracie with an incredible bravery.
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