Boss bonuses

List of bosses[edit]

  Boss Combat Bonus Empire Bonus Diplomatic Bonus
Profile boss Al Capone.png Al Capone Ability boss RainOfFire.png Rain of Fire: Al Capone fires a stream of bullets over the highlighted area. Anyone caught in the area of attack is suppressed and will take damage when they move.
  • UI Brewery.png Breweries: Reduces the cost of Production upgrades for Breweries.
  • UI Brothel.png Brothels: Reduces the cost of Ambience upgrades for Brothels.
Stronger Bonds: Higher passive Faction gain when in a Defensive pact.
Profile boss Angelo Genna.png Angelo Genna Ability boss FanofKnives.png Fan of Knives: Angelo can fillet his foes with a barrage of throwing knives. He picks one or multiple targets and once selected releases a flurry of blades at the targets.
  • UI Speakeasy.png Speakeasies: Reduces the cost for Speakeasy upgrades.
  • UI Brewery.png Breweries: An extra guard for Breweries.
At Your Service: Faction Rating (When honoring pacts): +100

Honor gain (When honoring pacts): +50

Profile boss Daniel McKee Jackson.png Daniel McKee Jackson Ability boss LastRites.png Last Rites: Jackson surgically unloads a full clip of his pistol into a target. If the target dies before the clip is empty, another target is automatically chosen. Each enemy killed by Last Rites reduces its cooldown.
  • UI Brothel.png Brothels: Reduces the chance of raids for Brothels.
  • UI Casino.png Casinos: Increases the earnings from Casinos.
Founding Farther: Reduced threat generation (with large empire).
Profile boss Dion OBanion.png Dion O'Banion Ability boss Blastphemy.png Blastphemy: Dion shoots his target with an explosive shotgun slug, knocking them back and destroying their armor.
  • UI Brewery.png Breweries: Reduces the upkeep cost for Breweries.
  • UI Speakeasy.png Speakeasies: Reduces the cost of Ambience upgrades for Speakeasies.
Turncoat: Truces don't last as long.

Business Arrangement difficulty is higher.

Profile boss Elvira Duarte.png Elvira Duarte Ability boss DevilsBreath.png Devil's Breath: Elvira is the Devil on her enemy's shoulder. She blows a cloud of psychotropic smoke in her target's face. The entranced then becomes her ally.
  • UI Brothel.png Brothels: Reduces the cost of Security upgrades for Brothels.
  • UI Casino.png Casinos: An extra guard for Casinos.
Peacemaker: Extra faction rating when making non-aggression pacts with other factions.
Profile boss Frank Ragen.png Frank Ragen Ability boss HomeRun.png Home Run: Frank rushes a targeted enemy and delivers a powerful melee blow, knocking the enemy down. If the target is killed, you gain the Batter Up! effect and will strike any enemy that gets too close.
  • UI Brewery.png Breweries: Reduced Production rate for Breweries.
  • UI Speakeasy.png Speakeasies: Reduced Upkeep costs for Speakeasies.
Strength In Numbers: Reduced Threat generation when the crew size is 6 or greater.
Profile boss Frankie Donovan.png Frankie Donovan Ability boss UnleashFury.png Unleash Fury: Frankie unleashes a flurry of melee strikes against an enemy. Every kill spurs on his fury more, restoring his AP, but causes him to become exhausted.
  • UI Speakeasy.png Speakeasies: Reduces the cost of Word of Mouth upgrades for Speakeasies.
  • UI Brewery.png Breweries: Increases the Production rate for Breweries.
Bygones be Bygones: Reduced negative effects with other factions (from previous wars).
Profile boss Goldie Garneau.png Goldie Garneau Ability boss KillerQueen.png Killer Queen: Goldie brings enemies to their knees, by putting a mark on her enemies. Once marked, she fires a shot at each target. Each shot has an improved critical chance and ignores defense.
  • UI Speakeasy.png Speakeasies: Increased earnings from Speakeasies.
  • UI Casino.png Casinos: Reduces the cost of upgrades for Casinos.
Room To Grow: Lower threat generation in shared neighborhood.
Profile boss Joseph Saltis.png Joseph Saltis Ability boss Stampede.png Stampede: Joseph charges forward dealing a large amount of damage and knocking back the first enemy in his path. Any enemy caught in his path is damaged and knocked back.
  • UI Brothel.png Brothels: Increased earnings from Brothels.
  • UI Speakeasy.png Speakeasies: Speakeasies start with an extra level on their upgrades.
Jive Joint: Decreased neighborhood threat generation when opening a speakeasy.
Profile boss Mabel Ryley.png Mabel Ryley Ability boss SwindlersShot.png Swindler's Shot: Mabel marks multiple targets at once and takes a trick shot that ricochets between them. Anyone caught in the bullet's path, takes damage and has the Deep Wounds effect applied.
  • UI Casino.png Casinos: Reduces the cost of Security upgrades for Casinos.
  • UI Casino.png Casinos: Reduces the chance of raids for Casinos.
Fair Price: Higher chance to accept trades.
Profile boss Maggie Dyer.png Maggie Dyer Ability boss LionTamer.png Lion Tamer: Maggie targets an enemy with her whip and draws them to a nearby tile. She delivers them a devastating punch once they are in range, dealing damage and knocking them down.
  • UI Brothel.png Brothels: Reduces the cost of Security upgrades for Brothels.
  • UI Speakeasy.png Speakeasies: Reduces the chance of raids for Speakeasies.
The Heartbreak Kid: Reduced Faction rating lossed when breaking treaties and business arrangements.
Profile boss Sai Wing Mock.png Sai Wing Mock Ability boss DeathBlossomBombs.png Death Blossoms: Sai Wing Mock loves an explosive introduction. He selects three locations and throws a bomb at each one. Each bomb explodes into a cloud of smoke, poisoning all nearby characters.
  • UI Brothel.png Brothels: An extra guard for Brothels.
  • UI Casino.png Casinos: Reduces the cost of Casino games.
Enemy Of My Enemy: Enemy trades and truces do not reduce faction rating with factions in business arrangements.
Profile boss Salazar Reyna.png Salazar Reyna Ability boss SantaMuerte.png Santa Muerte: Deliver unto the lady of Holy Death. Reyna wields dual revolvers and spins in a circle, firing a shot into all enemies around him that are within range.
  • UI Brothel.png Brothels: Reduces the cost for Ambience upgrades for Casinos.
  • UI Casino.png Casinos: Increases the draw for casinos.
Head Hunter: Reduce threat generation when killing other bosses.
Profile boss Stephanie St Clair.png Stephanie St. Clair Ability boss FiringSquad.png Firing Squad: At Stephanie's command any friendly or allied characters that are within range of her will open fire at her selected targets.
  • UI Brewery.png Breweries: Reduces the cost for Storage upgrades for Breweries.
  • UI Casino.png Casinos: Reduces the Security upgrade cost for Casinos.
Roll Of The Dice: Reduced neighborhood threat generation when opening a Casino.
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